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Copper & Ivory is the colorful collaboration between two friends and their endless passion for all things design.  Jill and Felicia share a love for making beautiful spaces that feel unique to the client.  They love to splash color where you wouldn’t expect it, think outside the box and add in a vintage piece where they can to make the home feel more collected. Their desire is to make interior design accessible to all homeowners because everyone deserves to kick off their shoes at the end of the day in a space they truly love and enjoy.   

Copper & Ivory Finals (2).gif.png

Felicia, a graduate from MassArt Fashion Design brings a creative eye to each project.  Aside from looking cool all the time, she loves to design spaces that are so comfortable that you don’t want to leave and you feel like you need to take one more look before you do.

Jill has her Bachelor's Degree from Quinnipiac University, and brings years of working in the design business as a project manager.  Her experience has given her the ability to execute any project with ease, making it a fun process for all.  Her catchphrase is “this may sound crazy, but what if we….”

Copper & Ivory Finals (2).gif.png

Tel: 617. 839. 4026

ig: copper_and_ivory

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